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many times have you seen president obama, governor romney, or their surrogates in your state? guest: president obama has been here eight times this year, governor romney has been here 6. paul ryan may be eligible to vote, he's been here that much. joe biden has been here once. we have had a lot of its from michelle obama. we have seen plenty of action this cycle. host: bill clinton could be coming to your state. he is scheduled to campaign for the president today in colorado. he was supposed to be in colorado springs tuesday but cancelled due to the storm. guest: pending the outcome of the storm on the east coast, we will see both candidates later in the week. governor romney was here last week and held a rally at red rock and thousands were turned away. the following day, he held a rally in denver and drew a crowd estimated at 16,000. the governor this week has reserved an amphitheater in the southern suburbs of has a capacity of 18,000 people. there were looking at going to boulder to hold a rally there. they're certainly trying to turn out a lot of voters with momentum. >> one we
. it quotes president obama and governor romney yesterday but what do you think about how it works right now? caller: well, i forgot to tell you, that is what my mother said. she said we should have had -- the federal government should have had shelter and aid for the people that were fleeing. i agree with her there. the government should be involved. but on the outskirts to begin with. because they don't know what is happening on the inside lines. host: were you watching the mayors and governors yesterday as they held press conferences? >> you know what? my mom is fixated on it and i saw it for a couple of days. but when the storms started coming in and today i looked for a couple of secrets and saw one inch of rain and thought i'm not going to get caught up in it. but i do have feelings for the folks. i hope all of their property and family and friends are safe. host: a little more from the piece in the "washington post." congress has broadened fema's authority so it can respond in advance of major storms instead of waiting for governors to request aid after a disaster strikes the measures
. governor andrew cuomo says he is asking president obama to take 100% of the estimated $6 billion bill, at a time the state and local government budgets make -- remain constrained by the weak economic recovery. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> i have watched shows on the weekends when they interview politicians and they are talking about what they are doing in congress and different legislation and there different opinions. >> most recently i watched the debate, because i was in front of my computer because i was still at work. i knew it would be on c-span. >> i like it because it drove down to be important issues and it is not antagonistic or hostile and it does not seem to have an axe to grind or an agenda they are trying to push like some other cable tv shows. >> i agree, too, it seems fair. like you get the real story and there is not a commentary and things that are negative. >> i go there to get the news, the facts, and to get more details than just headlines in and talking points. i want to learn something and not just be entertained. >> it is not as ex
it portrayed governor romney, showing president obama in one light and governor romney in another. tell us about the fallout from this. guest: had i been the photo editor of the newspaper, i would not have picked those photographs. i felt those photographs gave a message. if you look at the front page, you got a feeling the newspaper was trying to present a positive image of romney and of a negative image of obama. everybody i've spoken to has given me the same kind of feedback. it was a mistake for the newspaper to do that, a poor choice of gore made that decision. host: how much of the candidates visiting your state,, are the candidates visiting your state? how much attention is iowa getting on the ground? guest: all the attention we can handle. both candidates are here routinely several times a week, both of them, along with surrogates and along with their. running their there's not a single day that goes by in the state where we don't have a visit from a candidate, running mate, or significance forget. both candidates have made iowa a focal point. there are about nine states that are s
that going back to the 2008 cycle, both senator obama at the time and governor romney, spending time with the editorial board. we have talked to the candidates. we have really explore the issues. is our endorsement matter? i think it does. it has been a century at least that we have endorsed a presidential candidate. it is part of our tradition. politics is indeed dna of the des moines register. we take very seriously the first in the nation status as a caucus state. we take seriously the ability to affect candidates that are not on the radar screen until after they emerge from iowa. very informal opportunity to sit down over coffee to talk about what is in front of us. what is the position for that. i do think our endorsement matters. we probably spent a lot of time doing diligence and being thoughtful in all of our conversations, particularly the final one to support governor mitt romney. host: we are talking with the editor of the des moines register. let me ask you about the process. you had a telephone conversation that ran 30 minutes with the president. the white house said it
can do that with his track record as governor in massachusetts. president obama has not done that while he has been president. he did not have a resume going in as president so we really need a change in washington. host: are independent line, what do you think? caller: i do not think either one of them is a winner. going back the last six months, whoever gets elected, 47% of the population is not going to like him. it is going to be the same thing. it is going to be gridlock from now on because there is so much hate and madness. host: how do you get beyond it? caller: if we had the answer to that question, me and you could go get elected. i hate to say it but here we are. we are not going to get past the it. we are just going to suffer through it and keep on. it was the same thing it was yesterday. it was this way 100 years ago. go back and read history. host: that said, has it been successful to have this partisan conflict for this country? caller: is an formative. as long as people are educating themselves. you hear a lot of rhetoric from people. it i don't have to tell yo
obama said he's put out phone calls to governors and spoken with them. and there is more information about that. we'll hear more about that later in the program. charles joins us now from north carolina on our republican line. caller: i just want to call about the hurricane. i feel like it's going to devastate new york city. but the same people need to stop and sernl their hearts about if president obama is re-elected it's going to devastate this country. so that's something we all need to think about because i'm 53 years old and i've never seen an administration run like this one has been run. everybody knees to talk about ben goss by. fox is the only one talking about it. everybody else is raking it off to the side. host: janet independent caller good morning. caller: i'm calling pped in and i'm shocked that i got in because i try just about every morning. i don't know why everyone is interested about this impact on the election. but i feel like the president jumped in there right away and this is something we haven't ever seen from him. so i guess maybe sooner or later he does lea
. he continues to be a very popular figure here. host: president obama has a slight edge over governor romney in real clear politics in that state. and you can see the specific recent polls that have been taken, giving obama an edge in some of them and romney in others. now to akron, ohio, independent. caller: i will say this, i have already voted and i am independent, truly. i found it disgusting that mitt romney would stay in ohio to collect canned goods. if he truly believes we should be reliant on private enterprise when there's a disaster, why would he not take $5 million out of its own pocket and by the canned goods and continue on his way? instead he sends norm: to ohio to talk about what mitt romney says on abortion, which is not true. at the same time he is changing his game and changing every view. the president is doing his job. he is not claiming to do anything but his job. host: the front page of the boston globe shows the impact of the storm, millions reeling. and then this headline in the hartford current -- guest: the storm affected new hampshire as well, our fourth lar
not be the result it should compel all elected leaders to take action. governor bloomberg rates we need leadership from the white house. president obama has taken major steps to reduce our current consumption, including higher fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. he notes that mitt romney, too, has a history of toppling climate change. he signed onto a regional cap and trade plan that would reduce carbon emissions. he could not be more right, but since then he has reversed course, abandoning the very program he once supported. this issue is too important. we need leadership of the national level to move the world and nation forward. that is michael bloomberg endorsing president obama over the issue of climate change and the hurricane sandy fallout. lots of news stories coming from the fallout. the hurricane death toll has been rising. the hurricane sandy death toll now above the 90 and rising as emergency workers canvas flood and fire-ravaged neighborhoods. police say at least 59 people were killed during a storm in new york city and a new jersey. , and security secretary and fema deputy
. in the barrio world, barack obama's policies were better. bill clinton in minnesota yesterday. talking about the global climate change and mitt romney's policies on a bat. we will hear from governor romney. he took a campaign event and made it into an egg acknowledgement of the storm and the victims. james in texas. an independent. caller: good morning. host: caller: good morning i am nearly 70 years old. i saw winterset were colder than normal. warmerwinters that were norma than normal. and i can remember in texas when, i have seen icicles 4 feet long hanging from the rafters and other times where it barely got cold. the earth has a cycle of warming and cooling cycles. one of the problems with sandy to me, they talk about the infrastructure being over, and the subway damage, the worst in 100 years. one of the reasons i think it is aging is because we are paying out so much in pensions and stuff to the union workers like feiu but we cannot afford any other -- money for the infrastructure. how banks that is the topic for the new york times front page. warnings said it could happen here. for n
to are likely to change the outcome. romney and obama are in their own environment and will be decided on issues and personality and candidate quality separate to that. host: a history of eight years of the democratic state house. governor ridge, governor rendell -- they were elected republican senators in the state, including rick santorum, and now split between pat to me and bob casey, running for reelection areit is pretty divid state when it comes to elected officials. guest: that is right. we're a quintessential swing state -- neither party is capable of the state level of winning elections. the democrats went through the state in 2006 and 2008, what we called the iraq war alexian, local ratings for president bush. 2008, the recession election, then 20 can they swept back into control of the governorship and both houses of the state -- in 2012 republicans swept back into the governorship and both houses. the biggest edge -- the biggest at any party has had since the 1950's. senator toomey, former congressman now senator, elected as well. the governor elected by 9%. statewide elections -- we
on there website. you had a different face to face meeting with governor mitt romney. did any of them make a difference? caller: initially the white house had asked for an off the record five or 10 minute conversation. we protested. i spoke with the obama campaign and said, this should be on the record. they said they would try to get it on the record, but we never heard back. the next day we had a conversation with the president, it was so important. when he talked about needed to be shared. that was the reason for the call that i had written. did it play a role in the decision making? absolutely not. i said at the time, considering what unfolded at the white house and the campaign staff, as it related to transparency -- we had met several days before that incident and the direction we wanted to go with the editorial. it was already kind of drafted. it did not have a central role at all with where we were. host: the published past editorials over the past 100 years. the first endorsement was william howard taft in 1912. more recently, you have to go back to 1972, the last time your newspa
romney said he will create 12 million jobs. he has not said how he will do that. and i think obama is more for the middle class. thank you. guest: the interesting number that the caller put out there, 12 million jobs, that is what governor romney has said he would create. that is fairly close to some of the baseline estimates of what a lot of the comments -- the figure that the congressional budget office has put out of what should be created. next quarter years regardless of who is president. it is an interesting baseline to use. we will need to see more than not likely to bring us back to where we were before the recession, with the unemployment rate of 5%. host: on our line for democrats, chuck, missouri. caller: jefferson city is a capital city. the obstructionism of the republican congress -- especially with infrastructure and the jobs program, of like to ask, a jobs this kept us from having. plus the state capitals, you did not bring up a stimulus program, because you knew the republicans there would nail it down and knock it down. these -- this nepotisthis seemsw our growth.
to be elected along with our governor. i feel free, because they felt and i understand why, that they could not support obama. president obama. i am just mad at them. and therefore, am going to go ahead and vote mountain party. as a protest, i am going out and about one hour. i am going to vote for the mountain party which is corporate to the whole issue is call and mountaintop removal. which of the mountain party is really good on, and of course, they are against for the most part, most of the people are against president obama because of his energy, clean energy and the fact that he really does the least. will warming is a man-made. host: who is in the mountain party there? caller: jessie -- jessie it is not jackson. i am voting for jessie, but jessie jackson is from chicago. jessie johnson, and robert, who is also, i belive he is iunning for governer. it will be a protest vote. i am so dissapointed people here could not vote. caller: a good morning. i am -- i cannot stand debbie. es. tells us so many liv and bill nelson is the biggest fake that ever came along. he is anything but an inde
has fought president barack obama from the very beginning that he has taken office. and not only that, i cannot believe that the people of the united states can actually hear governor mitt, you know, say the things romney, that he has said personally out of his own mouth about how he did not care about 47% of the people of the united states. host: we're going to leave it there, gail in ohio. in "the washington post" this morning, clinton says, post-election stay would not be open-ended. this is the secretary of state saying that sheg sit down with the president shortly. host: bonnie in maryland is pessimistic. she's calling on our line for republicans. bonnie, you're on the "washington journal." go ahead. caller: yes, and good morning. nice to hear you, where we get the truth. first of all, most of his money went to the solar panels and these batteries. they all went belly up. second of all -- host: all of them? caller: all of them. another one just went up yesterday, and they are checking it to see if they can bring charges against him because the panels would catch on fire if they w
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